Oredium - Vendor Registration

Oredium - Vendor Registration

This document is an electronic record and is in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, and all the regulations and provisions mentioned under it.
Oredium offers a platform to the potential sellers for selling their products and services to the customers. For the purpose of Terms of Use (ToU), the terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ will be referred to as the legal person who agrees to become a seller in our platform through registration. ‘We’ ‘our’ and ‘us’ refers to Oredium.
Note that all the sellers registering in our platform will have to abide by the terms of use as laid out by Oredium. By using our platform and the available features on our platform, you agree to abide by the ToU, including the relevant policies available on our platform.
When you use our platform for current or future services, you’ll be subjected to all the policies, rules, terms and conditions, and guidelines relevant to that particular service. Oredium has the authority to modify, omit or make suitable changes as deemed necessary in any of the part/parts of the Terms of Use and we’ll communicate the same to you through the right communication channel. If you continue to use our platform or any of the services of the platform after the modification, you agree to act in accordance with all those revisions.
Oredium will grant you the opportunity to use the platform as long as you abide by the norms mentioned in our terms of use. So we request you to go through the ToU meticulously before registering with us.

Eligibility criteria for the sellers

Our platform is available to persons who are legally competent to form binding contracts. Individuals who are ‘un-discharged insolvents’ or is below the age of 18 years will be considered ‘ineffectual to form binding contracts’ and shall not be eligible to use our platform. Anyone below the age of 18 years will not be granted permission to register as a seller or transact on our platform. If it happens that Oredium suspects or finds out that you are a minor i.e. below the age of 18 years, then Oredium has the sole discretion to refuse your access to the platform. We also have the right to terminate your registration.
If you register yourself as a seller on Oredium, you agree to the Terms of Use, and that you have the authority to form binding contracts.

Account and Registration: Your accountability

Under Oredium’s Terms of Use, the individuals who want to register themselves as sellers are required to provide correct and valid details as requested by us. So if you want to register with us, kindly note that you will be solely responsible if your account is accessed in an unauthorized manner. We shall not be liable for this. You are responsible for maintaining the privacy of the information i.e. your display name, contact details, login id, password, and other relevant details.

Oredium reserves the right to suspend, terminate, deny access, or temporarily block your account on our platform if:

- We suspect that the information provided to us is false, vague, untrue, obsolete, and incomplete.
- The information is not in accordance with Oredium’s Terms of Use.

Deactivation of Seller’s Account

You can stop your business with Oredium voluntarily by requesting closure of your account. As per our policy, we’ll put the account for hold for a period of 3 months i.e. 90 days from such a request to ensure clearance of all the transactions that you have made before requesting for closing the account. We provide this time to you so that you can easily download your taxations and transaction reports.
You need to reconfirm after 90 days that all the transaction reports have been downloaded and must request for closing the account again. We’ll confirm your request provided that there’s no due from your end. We will retain certain details like your name, contact number, registration number, registered email id, GSTIN, and other relevant information to prevent fraudulent activities and for the purpose of audit only.
You can also restart your business with Oredium by restoring your old account.

Electronic communication

- When you visit our website or communicate with us through an email, you are electronically connecting with us. By doing this, you are also giving your permission to accept communication from us by electronic means..
- We can either put up a notice on our website or send you important notifications by email and SMS..
- You, by means of this, agree that all the notices, information and updates that we communicate electronically to you is at par with the legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

Platform for transaction

You agree and acknowledge that Oredium is an online platform that allows you to sell your products and services to the customers from any location. Furthermore, you accept that Oredium is not a party or it does not control the transactions taking place between you and the buyers. Accordingly, all the contractual agreements will be confirmed only between you and your customer. This includes warranties for products and services offered by you at Oredium, payment methods, payment terms, shipping charges, date, and the mode of delivery.
- Oredium does not provide warranty or representation on the value, accuracy, quality, and other specifics of the products that you propose to sell on our platform
- We are a platform through which we allow you to communicate with the potential buyers. However, the agreement on product selling at Oredium.com remains strictly between the two legal entities- i.e. you and the buyer.
- We do not implicitly or explicitly support or sanction any sale of products on our platform. In this context, we are not accountable for any errors or omissions made by you in relation to the products and services.
- Oredium is not responsible for any contravention of a contract between you and the buyers. Besides this, we do not provide any guarantee of transaction made between you and your buyer on our platform.
- Oredium does not act as a mediator between you and the buyer for the reconciliation of disputes.
- In case of delayed, unsatisfactory performance, and unavailability of your products, Oredium cannot be held liable for the same.
- We do not make any representation on behalf of any of the items sold by you on our platform.
- As a seller, you are required to compensate to Oredium for all the damages, costs, and liabilities, resulting out from your actions on our platform. You may find certain information provided by the other users to be untrue, harmful, and offensive. Hence, we request to you to be alert and practice safe trading on our platform.

Rules and regulations regarding the conduct of the sellers

Oredium is just a platform through which you can connect with your buyers. In this context, you agree and accept that while using our platform, you are legally bound by the following principles.
- You should not use the website for unlawful and fraudulent purposes which includes- infringement of any copyright, trademark, and patent; or information of the trade secrets of a third party. Oredium shall not be responsible for generating contents of the third-party users.
- You shall not generate any information that deliberately odious/ distasteful to the online community. This includes sexual content or the ones that promote hatred, bigotry or causes physical harm to an individual or groups of individuals.
- Contents that interfere with an individual’s enjoyment of the usage of our website and the services offered at our platform shall not be entertained in any manner. This includes information that causes harassment or is misleading in a way.
- You should avoid posting content that contains password-protected pages, or URLs leading to some other page.
- You shall not publish, modify, host, update, or display any information that is misleading, false, and deceptive. No information that belongs to another person can be published, shared, updated, or displayed on our platform because that will be considered as a violation of the third party rights.
- Information that is abhorrently obscene, indecent, offensive, dangerous, disparaging, harassing, harmful, vilifying, pornographic, or is a threat to someone else’s privacy will be considered illegal.
- No contents that promote illegal activities can be displayed, updated, modified, or published.
- You must not use the website for promoting money laundering, gambling, and impersonating another person.
- You, from time to time will be accountable for providing information about the products and services that you propose to sell. This should also mean that all the details related to the products and services are correct and accurate, and it should not be misleading to the users in any way.
- You cannot sell fake or duplicate products on our platform. All products/services that you propose to sell should be genuine and authentic.
- You shall have to comply with all applicable rules and provisions mentioned under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Kindly note that you also need to abide by the amendments made in the rules from time to time.
- As a seller, you also have to comply with the domestic laws, International laws, Foreign exchange laws, and other applicable laws.
- Kindly note that you need to obtain a license and permit for using our platform and all the features and tools available on our platform.
- You are not permitted to engage in transactions for products or services which are prohibited under the provisions mentioned in any of the applicable laws and specifically, the regulations mentioned under Exchange Control Law.
- You’ll have to strictly abide by the rules and regulations mentioned under the OFAC.
- You are barred from advertising other sellers and transmitting any junk email or unsolicited commercial emails to any of the users through Oredium.
- Note that we have the right to disclose your information if required by law or on special request by the government. We can also share your information with the investigating agency for fraud activities or as a response to court order or summons.
- Oredium has the authority to review the contents posted on the platform and possess the right to remove contents that violates our Terms of Use or any of the applicable laws.

Besides this, you are prohibited from doing the following things as mentioned below.
- Do not make attempts to gain illegal access to our platform. You should not make any attempt to use our platform by illegitimate means like password hacking and password mining.
- You shall not make any attempt to check the vulnerability of the platform. Kindly note, this goes against our Terms of Use. We do not allow the users to trace, or search for information of the other users or visitors of our platform.
- You are prohibited to make derogatory or slanderous comments or statements about Oredium, or the domain used by us i.e. www.oredium.com. You have to refrain from engaging in actions or conduct which dilutes the reputation and image of Oredium and its trademark or service mark.
- You have to approve that you won’t make use of any software or device that interferes with the smooth functioning of the platform. This should also mean that your conduct should not interfere with the other person’s use of the platform or any transaction being made on the platform.
- You are responsible for providing information as requested by us from time to time. This includes the correct details of the products and services that you propose to sell through our platform. You shall not provide any misleading information to the users on our platform in any manner.
- Your contract with the advertisers to promote their advertisements on our platform is solely an interaction between you and the advertiser. Oredium does not interfere in this regard and neither we are responsible for any damage or loss sustained as a result of such a business deal or the presence of such advertisements on Oredium. However, we reserve the right to take stringent action against you for causing loss or damage to Oredium for such a business deal between you and the advertiser intentionally or unintentionally.

Selling of your products through our platform

Once you become a registered seller, you need to make a list of the name of the products that you propose to sell on our platform and this should be in accordance with the policies as mentioned in our Terms of Use. You can use pictures, short video clips, or text descriptions to describe your product to the buyers. Make sure that all the information you provide is correct and it should not mislead the customers of our platform in any manner. All the products should be placed under the right category on our platform.
You need to ensure that refund will be provided to the users in case there’s a mismatch of the description with the actual product. You should not list a particular product in bulk quantities across various categories on Oredium. If this happens, Oredium reserves the right to delete such products. We may also restrict you to sell certain products that originated from certain countries.

Tax Collection

- You have to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned under the Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST), Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), and Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST) with respect to the supplied products and services. You have to own the responsibility for charging suitable GST to the Government on the supplies that you have made and the transfer of funds for the same.
- The tax collection at the source is in accordance with the provisions mentioned under CGST, SGST, IGST, and UTGST. The portal would be collecting the tax at source based on the taxable supplies made through the portal and at applicable rates and it shall be transferred to the concerned government. If there’s a disparity on account of tax collection at the source, you will have to provide all the relevant information to Oredium to get in touch with the applicable authorities. In case of accumulated liabilities, you will be responsible for paying the shortfalls.
- Please note that a Harmonized System Nomenclature code number has to be provided for every product that you propose to list on our platform. If a listed product is found to be without an HSN code number, the product shall be removed from the list and you will not be able to sell that item on our platform.
- Provide your GSTIN number or else we won’t be able to raise an invoice for you. Without GSTIN, your orders won’t be processed and the transactions will be blocked on your account.

Contents posted on the platform

- All the visual and seller interfaces, pictures, audios, videos, texts, logo, graphics, email, music, notes, messages, profiles, opinions, and other relevant information is generated by the third party.
- Oredium does not hold any liability for the third-party generated contents.
- You cannot copy, republish, reproduce, post, upload, translate, and transmit any part of the content to another network, server, or computer unless it has been approved in the Terms of Use. Besides this, you will need to obtain written consent from Oredium before publishing or distributing such contents.

The product-related information available on our website can be downloaded only if it fulfills certain criteria.
- The content is used for your personal use
- These contents should not be used for commercial purposes
- The contents cannot be copied and pasted on any other network or you cannot televise it on any other media.
- No modifications can be made to the content
- No additional warranties or representations can be made to the content
You have to be responsible for the contents that you post on our platform. Make sure that the content you post is in accordance with the company’s Terms of Use (ToU). .

Types of sellers

We categorize our sellers into three main types: Diamond, Pearl, and Topaz. The sellers will be classified on the basis of:
- Generation of revenue
- Fulfillment experience provided to the customers
- Percentage of zonal or local shipment excluding the total shipment
- Total percentage of supplies made by the seller in the same zone to the buyers
- Ratings and feedback received by the seller from the customer

Based on the categories, the seller can enjoy benefits on our platform that includes:
- Faster payments
- Reduction in rate card for the transportation fee
- Account management support
Oredium has the sole discretion to modify the categories, conditions, and benefits to sponsor healthy competition among sellers, and to ensure greater performance for enhanced customer satisfaction on our platform. .


- All the transactions taking place between you and the buyer is a bipartite contract and Oredium does not interfere in this.
- The payment facilities provided by Oredium is a facility offered to you and the customers for completing the transactions through our platform. Note that Oredium is not liable for any of the following- non-payment, breach of contract, non-receipt or non-availability of warranty or after-sale service.
- You agree and authorize Oredium to collect, process, facilitate, and send transactions or payments electronically or through Cash on Delivery to and from the buyers through our payment facilities.
- You agree that Oredium is an independent contractor and shall not be liable for any of your items that are proposed to be sold at Oredium. Kindly note that by agreeing to this, you consent that Oredium has no control over the payments made for by utilizing our payment gateways.
- We neither guarantee the identity of the user nor ensure that a buyer or seller will complete a transaction.
- You agree, approve, and accept that the payment facilities offered by Oredium is merely a channel that provides cash on delivery or an electronic online payment facility for collecting, processing, facilitating, and sending transactions on the platform. By accepting this, you also agree that Oredium’s payment facility is neither a financial nor a banking service.
- All the bank transfers taking place online from valid bank accounts are processed by the issuing bank. Note that all the payment transactions on Oredium are governed by the Terms of Use agreed upon by the two entities- i.e. you and the buyer and the relevant issuing bank. .

Prepaid payment Instrument

For the convenience of the sellers, we may provide a prepaid payment option to facilitate easy payment transactions to the buyers on our platform. Note that the transactions that are facilitated through this payment instrument shall be governed by the following Terms of Use.
- Such a payment instrument shall be used for only items or services that have been purchased by users on our platform.
- The buyers can redeem this prepaid payment facility by choosing the payment options available on our site. Note that it cannot be redeemed for cash.
- Gift vouchers or other prepaid instruments cannot be purchased by using this prepaid payment instrument.
- In case the total purchase value is greater than the amount of the prepaid instrument, the rest amount has to be paid by the customer through other payment options like credit/debit cards and internet banking. We don’t allow Cash on Delivery payment mode for such transactions.
- If the total order value is less than the amount of such a prepaid instrument, the leftover amount will be shown as a credit balance of that payment instrument.
- The amount available for use in the prepaid instruments should be used within one year from the issuing date. After that, you won’t be able to use that amount.
- Oredium will not take any responsibility if your instrument gets stolen, lost, or used without your permission.
- All payments made by the customer through electronic gift vouchers shall be credited to your account as per the RBI guidelines.

Dispatch of the products/services

- As a seller, you are required to dispatch the items on the time for which the customers have made a transaction. This is to ensure that all the products will be delivered on time. Furthermore, you will be responsible for undertaking shipment cover for the items sold by you on Oredium.
- All the details related to product dispatch and after-sale services have to be provided to the customer in a timely manner. It should be in tune with the Oredium policies. Note that if it goes against the policies, your transaction will be canceled.
- Kindly note that the products should be dispatched only through the approved delivery partner that provides valid document proof on dispatch and deliveries. This proof has to be maintained by you for at least 3 years from the date the products are dispatched.
- All the dispatch details should be correct, accurate, and valid. Please avoid providing information that is misleading, fake, and inaccurate. The facts should be correctly exaggerated and there shouldn’t be any misrepresentation.
- If you fail to provide the product dispatch details, then you shall have to face consequences as mentioned in Oredium’s Terms of Use and it may also lead to suspension, termination, or blocking of your account temporarily.
. You have to agree as a registered vendor of our platform that the payment made by the buyer will be sent to your bank account if:
- The buyer confirms the delivery of the order
- The buyer’s refund request gets rejected because of the violation of the policies, Terms of Use, and other relevant policies in this matter.
- The shipments are routed through the approved Logistics partner of Oredium, unless otherwise specifically mentioned..

Registration Fees & Oredium’s Fee Policy

You can register yourself on our platform free of cost. We don’t ask for any charges for your registration. As per our fee policy, we allow our sellers to register and list their products and services on our website. They can also put up the product description for the items or services that they propose to sell through our platform. However, we will charge a certain percentage of the amount from your product category as a commission depending on the price of the same. So it is mandatory to categorize the products correctly on our platform. Be very careful while listing your products.
Note that Oredium has the sole discretion to change the fee policy as and when required. Furthermore, we can add new services and make partial/complete modifications in the existing services. Accordingly, our fee policies for such services might also change. All our modifications will be posted on our platform and the policy shall become effective as soon as it is posted on our platform. Unless otherwise mentioned, all the fees shall be quoted in Indian Rupees and shall have to be paid to Oredium. While making payments, you need to act in accordance with all the laws related to the payment to Oredium..

GST & Taxes

As a registered seller, you will have to pay all the fees and charges related to the use of the platform. By registering with us, you agree to bear the applicable charges or taxes levied thereon.
- Oredium reserves the right to provide express remittance to eligible vendors only. Hence, all sellers should consider this as a benefit and not a right. As a registered vendor, you should agree that Oredium can withdraw the express remittance for the breach of the Terms of Use and other policies of Oredium.
- The main responsibility of you as a seller is to issue an accurate and complete invoice. Oredium will generate an invoice on your behalf and we’ll work closely with you for the same. Note that we’ll need your digital signatures to attach to the invoice. Once the invoice is generated, we’ll send it to you, and upon receiving, you have to put your signatures, take a print out of the invoice and attach the same on the consignment. You are accountable for discrepancies in the invoice.
- If a bank levies chargeback, Oredium will have the right to deduct the same from your remittance. You can sort out this issue by talking to your bank. In this regard, you have to confirm to work in full-cooperation to settle the chargeback disagreement through the bank and shall also provide all the transaction documents as needed by the bank for verification purposes. If the bank rules against you, then Oredium reserves full authority to recover the same and in this regard, the bank will have the last word to say.
- Kindly note that for security reasons and to ensure the safety of the transaction; Oredium may delay sending you the payment notification. This is usually done if we find you to be suspicious or if the buyer performs too many transactions.
- All the payments will be credited to the bank account that has been provided by you at the time of registration. As soon as the payment is made, Oredium from that moment onwards shall not be liable to you for any claims whatsoever..

In how much time will the seller receive the payment from Oredium?

All payments shall be made to you within 7 days after collecting the payment from the buyer. The amount will be released to the bank account that has been provided by you during the time of registration.

Conformity to the laws

- For selling jewelry on our platform, it is mandatory to attach a hallmark certificate along with the product at the time of delivery. You have to bear the responsibility of complying with the hallmark or other relevant provisions for selling jewelry on our platform. You will be solely responsible for non-compliance of this matter and Oredium shall not be responsible for the same.
- KYC verification is a must for selling jewelry on Oredium. You have to be responsible for conducting KYC verification to prevent anti-money laundering laws and other relevant laws. Oredium will not be responsible for the same.
- You are requested to abide by all the applicable laws and not just anti-money laundering laws.

If you collect, store, or record any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of an individual received by you from or on behalf of the Oredium partners, contractors, employees, users, or any other third parties for performing your obligation under Oredium’s ‘Collection of Personal Information’, you have to approve that you will.
- Act in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations, and laws relevant to privacy protection.
- Secure and maintain all personal information on Oredium and keep it private.
- Process the personal information of Oredium only to fulfill your agreement as mentioned in our Terms of Use.
- Oredium’s personal information shall not be used for selling, trading, renting, and your marketing/advertising purpose. You hereby agree not to disclose any information about Oredium to any third party.
- If we collect your personal information for processing, you have to ensure that such information was lawfully collected and that there was no restriction from your end while providing such information to us. Note that your Personal Information will be used only in accordance with your privacy policy and Terms of Use.
- You have to agree that the products you propose to sell on Oredium are legal and permissible. You cannot sell any prohibited or restricted items on our platform. (we need to prepare a list of prohibited items)
- All the products should have a proper label with correct product information. This has to be in accordance with the Indian Labelling requirements and legal metrology laws. The weight and measurement of the product shall adhere to the legal requirements so that the items and its parts are authentic and can be utilized by the customers.
- In the event of a complaint or a legal action by aggrieved consumer/consumers against you for non-compliance, you’ll have to bear the responsibility. Oredium in no way is answerable or liable for the same. In the case of non-adherence, Oredium reserves the right to suspend/terminate/block your account temporarily.


Oredium has the right to check and access your records or the location of business either by itself or by a third party approved by us. This inspection will be carried out by us and all the costs related to such inspection will be borne by us. However, there’s an exception to this. If we find any discrepancy in your account or if we find that you have violated our ‘Sellers Terms of Use’, it is you who have to bear the entire cost.

Breach of Terms of Use

Oredium reserves the right to limit your activity on our platform, suspend/terminate/block your account temporarily, or may warn the other users about your action if:
- You violate the privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, and other policies of Oredium.
- If we are unable to verify the authenticity of your information
- If we suspect that your actions may violate others or our rights.
- If you fail to provide the requisite legal documents as requested by Oredium authorities from time to time.
For violation of our policies, we reserve the right to recover any amount that you owe to us, and in certain cases; we may also take strict action as deemed necessary.

Financial protection

You have to provide security or financial protection in case of financial loss to the owner, associates, licensee, subsidiaries, and their agents, employees, directors, and officers of Oredium. This financial security will also cover attorney costs that the third party had to bear due to the imposition of penalty because of your violation of Oredium’s polices or due to infringement of the third party rights.

Complaints (Trademark & Copyright)

Oredium respects the intellectual property of others. In case of breach of trademark or copyright, you can drop us an email or you can raise a complaint from your dashboard. The domain name Oredium.com site is operated and solely controlled by Oredium. All the contents that you see on our website; such as logos, graphics, texts, illustrations, and audio and video clips is exclusively protected by copyrights and trademarks controlled by Oredium.
We strictly prohibit copying, reproducing, posting, republishing, transmitting, and distributing contents of Oredium or any other seller’s material, directly or indirectly, through email or other electronic means.
No changes/modifications can be made in any of the materials available on our website without the prior approval of the owner. It will be a violation of our copyrights, trademarks, and other property rights if such materials are used without consent.


Oredium shall not be liable for any of the damages (incidental, special, consequential, or direct damage) in connection with the Terms of Use, even if Oredium is informed about the possibility of such damages in advance.

Grievance Officer


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