Oredium - Terms of Use

Oredium - Terms of Use

Welcome to Oredium.com! The access to Oredium services is subjected to certain terms and conditions which the customers need to confirm before using our website. These terms and conditions constitute your binding obligation with Oredium. By visiting our website, you hereby conform to these terms of use.

Acceptance of our Terms of Use

When you use any of the services of Oredium, or visit, or purchase from any of the businesses associated with Oredium, you’ll be subjected to the terms, agreements, and guidelines relevant to such a business or service. We have reserved the right to make changes, modifications and remove any part or parts of the ‘Terms of Use’ without prior information to our customers. We request you to review the updates or the modifications by visiting the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page on our website. As long as you abide by the terms and conditions of our company, we allow you to enter and use our platform for your purchases. By accepting our terms of use, you hereby consent that these terms of use are a legally binding contract between Oredium.com and you. For the purpose of terms of use, the word ‘You’ has been used to address our customers and end-users. ‘You’ shall mean any legal person who visits our website, browses it and becomes a member or makes a purchase on the website. Accessing and browsing our website would mean your acceptance and confirmation of all the terms and conditions of Oredium.

Terms of Use in Oredium.com

Account, Password and security

When you use Oredium.com, you have to bear the responsibility of your name and password. It is the responsibility of the user to prevent unauthorized access to their account. You shall be accountable for all the actions that you take on our website under your display name and password.
Oredium reserves the right to block, suspend or terminate your membership until further notice if the information you provide is incomplete, fallacious, imprecise, and misleading. You have to take the sole charge of maintaining the security and confidentiality of the password and you must inform us immediately in case you believe that someone else is using your password in an unauthorized manner or if the password has become known to someone else. You agree to-
- Inform Oredium about the unauthorized use of your account and password
- Provide complete, accurate, and current information about your details while registering on our website.
- To update the registration data from time to time. If at Oredium, we suspect the information to be false, vague, and inaccurate; or if it is found to be unfavorable in any way to Oredium.com, we can suspend, block or terminate your membership. Note that we may also restrict your access to our website.
- Log out from your account after every session
You can update the information about your personal details on the ‘Your Account’ section of our website. You need to acknowledge that all the purchase that you make on our website is solely for your personal use and not for resale or other purposes. If you want to use our website for business purpose, we request you to create an account on our website.

Membership Eligibility

- We allow access to our website to those persons who accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions of use. .
- Persons who are ineffectual to form binding agreements will not be eligible to use our website. If you are below the age of 18 years, the transactions can be done by your legal guardian provided that they are registered users of Oredium. .
- Oredium.com reserves the right to deny access, or block, suspend and terminate the membership of a person if it is found that the person is incompetent of forming agreements that are binding on them. .
- The access to our website will be forbidden to those users whose accounts have been terminated or suspended due to reasons whatsoever. .
- Membership is given to all those who register, obtains a unique username and password, provides accurate information, and correct email address. Kindly note that you’ll be granted one membership for one valid electronic address. .
- No members can have multiple accounts at one IP address or one shipping address. Oredium at its discretion can terminate or restrict you from using our website if it is found that the user has multiple accounts from one shipping/IP address.

Prime/ Privileged Membership Policy

Modifications and Changes in Oredium’s Terms and Conditions

Oredium reserves the right to cancel, discontinue or change the part or parts of terms of use and privacy policy as may deem necessary without any prior information to the users. All the modifications in our Terms of Use will be effective from the time when such a change is made. Therefore, we request you to visit our website and go through the Terms and Conditions to stay updated and informed on any of the changes that we make. Your acceptance of our amended Terms of Use and Privacy policy will be considered if you continue to visit our website and browse any of the services offered by Oredium.

Platform for Transaction

You agree and acknowledge that Oredium is an online platform that allows you to purchase products from any location at a price that is mentioned therein. Furthermore, you accept that Oredium is not a party or it does not control the transactions taking place between the sellers and the users. Accordingly, all the contractual agreements are confirmed between the buyer and the seller. This includes warranties for products and services offered at Oredium, payment methods, payment terms, shipping charges, date, and the mode of delivery. Therefore:
- Oredium does not provide warranty or representation on the value, accuracy, quality, and other specifics of the products that are proposed to be sold or purchased on our platform.
- Oredium is neither accountable nor does it hold any obligation or liability for violation of contract agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller.
- We are a platform where we allow our users to get access to a wide collection of products and services for buying and selling. We are a means through which we allow our users to communicate. However, the agreement on product selling at Oredium.com remains strictly between the two legal entities- i.e. the buyer and the seller.

Electronic Communication

- When you visit our website or communicate with us through an email, you are electronically connecting with us. By doing this, you are also giving your permission to accept communication from us by electronic means.
- We can either put up a notice on our website or send you important notifications by email and SMS.
- You, by means of this, agree that all the notices, information and updates that we communicate electronically to you is at par with the legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

Pricing Information

- Though Oredium provides correct and precise information on the price of the products, there can be price issues on our platform due to typological errors. Hence, Oredium cannot confirm the price until and unless you finally place your order.
- If for any reason, there have been pricing errors and wrong information about a particular product on our platform due to reasons whatsoever, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse the order at our discretion for that particular product, before it has been shipped from our warehouse.

Credit Card Details

By visiting our website (www.oredium.com) and making a purchase on our platform, you agree and acknowledge that:
- The credit card details that you provide for using our services on Oredium are accurate valid, and correct.
- The liability for fraudulent use of your credit card solely depends on you. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your credit card. Oredium is not legally responsible or accountable for deceitful usage of your credit card.
- The credit card that you use on our platform is legally owned by you. You should use your own credit card for making your transactions on our platform.
- Moreover, this credit card information will not be shared with any third party by Oredium unless it is required on a court order.

Declined/Fraudulent Transactions

- Oredium at its sole discretion has the right to take legal action against anyone if it is suspected or found that the person is using our website for a fraudulent purpose. Furthermore, we can also initiate legal proceedings in case of breach of the terms and conditions.
- We also reserve the right to claim for recovering the costs of the attorney as well as the charge needed for the collection of goods from the person for fraudulent usage of our website.
- Transactions may also be declined by Oredium for suspected fraud.

User Conduct On Our Platform

You agree and accept that while using our platform, you are legally bound by the following principles.
- You should not use the website in a manner for unlawful and fraudulent purposes which includes- infringement of any copyright, trademark and patent; or information of the trade secrets of a third party.
- The website shall not be accessed in a manner that causes inconvenience, anxiety and annoyance.
- Contents which interfere with an individual’s enjoyment of the usage of our website and the services offered at our platform shall not be entertained in any manner.
- You shall not publish, modify, host, update or display any information that is misleading, false and deceptive. No information that belongs to another person can be published, shared, updated or displayed on our platform because that will be considered as a violation of the third party rights.
- Information which is abhorrently obscene, indecent, offensive, dangerous, disparaging, harassing, harmful, vilifying, pornographic, or is a threat to someone else’s privacy will be considered illegal.
- No contents that promote illegal activities can be displayed, updated, modified or published.
- You must not use the website for promoting money laundering, gambling, and for impersonating another person or pretending to be someone else.
- You agree not to gain unlawful access to any of the features or any portion of our platform through illegitimate means or by hacking password.
- The sellers, from time to time will be accountable for providing information about the products and services that they propose to sell. This should also mean that all the details related to the products and services are correct and accurate, and it should not be misleading to the users in any way.

A user may be suspected to be a fraud by Oredium if it meets the following circumstances if the user:
- has a higher return rate
- Fails to respond to the payment verification mail sent by Oredium
- Fails to provide valid information- email, contact number and address
- Declines payment for an order
- Returns the wrong product
- Misuses email and phone of another person

Oredium in its sole discretion holds the right to cancel ‘Fraud orders’ at any stage of the product delivery, provided that it meets the following conditions:
- If products are purchased for purpose of resale and not for personal consumption
- If numerous orders are placed for one particular product or if the user makes an order request for similar products in bulk quantities to similar a delivery address.
- The users provide invalid address while making a purchase


Colors and Advertising Trailers
With full effort and dedication, Oredium displays the original colour of the products on the platform. However, the colour of the product that is displayed on our website might vary depending on the colour of your monitor or mobile screen and we are not liable for that. We do not guarantee the accurateness of the colour in your monitor display. The advertising trailers that we put up on our website are for the sole intention of selling the products on our platform. Kindly note that the advertisement colour displayed on our website may seem different to you because of the colour of your monitor display and hence, we do not provide a guarantee on the precision of the advertisement colour that you see in your monitor display.

Copyrights and Trademark

The domain name Oredium.com site is operated and solely controlled by Oredium. All the contents that you see on our website, such as logos, graphics, texts, illustrations, and audio and video clips is exclusively protected by copyrights and trademarks controlled by Oredium. The products which are available on our platform is owned, controlled and certified by Oredium and is meant for the sole purpose of your personal consumption. Note that the products available on our website are not meant for resale or any other commercial purposes. All the contents of our website are governed by Indian and International Copyright and database laws. Furthermore, all the software and the contents on our website are owned by Oredium and its affiliates.
We strictly prohibit copying, reproducing, posting, republishing, transmitting and distributing of such contents, directly or indirectly, through email or other electronic means. No changes/modifications can be made in any of the materials available on our website without the prior approval of the owner. The very purpose of Oredium is to give access to our customers to a wide range of products and is meant for personal consumption only, and not for business or other commercial purposes. Using our materials for the non-commercial purposes will be considered a violation of copyright and trademark rights. You are forbidden to re-use any part/parts of the contents of our website without seeking approval from the owner in writing.
We advise our customers to purchase all the products from our registered domain only i.e. www.oredium.com as we don’t sell our products through any online shopping portals or website. Oredium will not be legally responsible for purchasing similar items under the name of Oredium from other websites or online stores.

Disclaimer of Liability and Warranty

By agreeing upon our terms of use, you agree and acknowledge that:
- All the services that you use and the transactions you make are solely on your own risk and that you are making a practical and discreet decision before making any transactions on our website.
- The products purchased from our platform are exclusively meant for the purpose of personal consumption and not for commercial or other business-related purposes.
- This stipulation does not apply to product warranties or representations provided by the manufacturer or seller of the product. For reasons whatsoever, Oredium.com assumes no liability or responsibility for damages caused due to breach of warranties and representations made by the seller or manufacturer of the product. It is a bipartite contract entered between you and the seller. Oredium shall not hold the responsibility to act as a mediator to resolve disputes/disagreements between the buyer and the seller.. - Any data/material that is downloaded at Oredium should be done at the user’s risk. Furthermore, the user should be responsible for any damages or loss of mobile data that resulted from download of such material/data from Oredium.
- We would like to further express that we are not liable for the warranties provided by the seller/manufacturer with regards to the accuracy, quality, safety, performance, reliability, suitability, and legitimacy of the products listed on our website

Access to Oredium.com

Oredium strives to ensure that all our customers get an equal chance to visit our website and browse through our products and services. We do our best to provide nonstop access to our website. However, there are certain restrictions to this which you need to know before visiting our site.
- Oredium.com grants access for buying and selling products and services and not to modify or download any part or parts of it.
- Your access to our website may be restricted, blocked or terminated if you are found to be using products for resale or other business-related purposes.
- Due to the maintenance, repairs or incorporation of new facilities on our website, your access to the website may be restricted or suspended temporarily without any prior information. However, we will try our best to reduce the duration of such restriction or suspension.

Reviews, Comments and Other Contents

- The users can post their feedback, comments, reviews; can submit queries, ideas, suggestions on our platform as long as the content is not illegal, derogatory, disturbing, obscene, libelous, offensive, deceptive, misleading, disparaging. Besides this, the contents should not infringe upon the rights of the third party or it should not contain any political campaigning, mass mailing or any form of spam.
- If the contents are found to be violating the terms and conditions of this platform, Oredium has the sole discretion to delete, remove, or edit a comment or review, and may also temporarily debar you from accessing our website.
- You accept and acknowledge that all the contents posted under your display name are correct; that you hold the rights for all the contents that you post on our platform; that the contents are in tune with the terms and conditions of Oredium; and it should not violate the third party rights in any form/manner.
- We do not take the liability of the contents posted by the user or a third party.

Claims Against Objectionable Contents

At Oredium, we have millions of products that we list up on our website for sale. Due to this, it becomes very difficult for us to keep track of the contents of the product listed for sale; or reviews and comments posted by the customers. We would like to express that if you find any content, review or comment to be illegal, derogatory, disturbing, obscene, libelous, offensive, deceptive, misleading, disparaging; or of it impersonates someone; of if it promotes gambling, money laundering and other illegal activities; or if it violates the rights of a third party; or if it threatens the integrity, unity and sovereignty of the nation or its friendly relation with the international countries, please inform us as soon as possible. We will take all the necessary steps within a stipulated time to remove such objectionable contents from our website.

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