Oredium - Privacy Policy

Oredium - Privacy Policy

We value our user’s concern with online security and privacy while visiting and shopping from our website. Customer security is the top concern for us and to instill your faith in us, we assure you that all the information that you provide us is not misused. This notice discusses how at Oredium we manage your personal information. By using the services offered at Oredium.com, you agree to the collection of personal information by Oredium in the manner as mentioned. Hence, we request you to go through the privacy policy before using our website.

Personal Information Collected

At Oredium, we collect personal information from the users to enhance the overall shopping experience. This information is used for assisting the sellers to deliver your products on time, reach out to you about products, services, new offers and promotions; process payments; exhibit items or services that might interest you, and to keep your account and records updated with us. We make use of this information to provide user protection and avert scam, fraud, or misuse of the site.
The visitors of our website can browse through our extensive collection without revealing the personal details. Certain activities that you perform on our website will require registration- for example; we need your personal identifiable information while placing an order on our website. Some information that we ask from you is considered voluntary and obligatory. This is done to provide smooth and hassle-free services to you.
Without revealing the mandatory information to us, you won’t be able to engage in a particular activity on our website. But when you register on our website or make a purchase, we will collect your personal details like name, contact details, delivery address, email address, and profile information for a better shopping experience.
Based on your activity on our website, we might track certain information automatically. This information may be used for analyzing the interest of the users, demographics, and buying patterns through internal research.

Below mentioned are the information that Oredium collects

Information that you provide

You may provide us your details like your name, email address, contact number, credit card information, and other information while performing certain actions on our website like-searching, posting, filling questionnaires, or taking part in contests; and communicating with the customer care team. Information can also be collected based on your activities like purchasing or searching for products on our website or third party sites; compiling wish lists; or providing ratings and reviews.

Automatic information

We collect and receive certain anonymous information through data collecting devices like cookies. Like any other website, we make use of cookies to customize your browsing experience on the basis of the previous search you made. These are small files that track the users based on their navigation on different website pages. Some of the automatic information that we collect includes- IP address, and the Uniform Resource Locators (URL). To provide fraudulent usage of our website, we might also use browser data or similar data.
Information on location details may also be stored to offer location-based services and tailor the search results as per these collected details. If the user chooses to transact with us, we might also store credit card/debit card number, billing address, and other payment details.

Message and email communication

Oredium will collect information with regards to messages that you post on the message section; comments, reviews, and feedback that you post on our comment page. Such information is retained by us for solving your queries and disputes through our customer support team.
When you choose to contact us via electronic mail, you also agree to receive messages electronically from us. However, if you do not want to receive messages from us, then you can change your settings in Customer Communication Preference. We make a strong effort to avoid sending unnecessary emails to our customers. We will store your email address and other contact details that you provide us to notify you of new arrivals, discounts, or other announcements on our platform. We store this information to notify you of all the offers and exclusive deals based on your interest and past orders.
** Kindly note that the above-mentioned information can be shared with government authorities to verify the identity of the user; and may be needed for cybercrime investigations, or to prevent and detect other punishable offenses. By using our website, you give your approval to Oredium for disclosing information to the concerned authorities, if it is required under the applicable law.

Sharing Of Your Personal Information

Customer privacy is the main priority of our company and information is shared in the manner as mentioned below.
• We may share information with the entities and affiliates that are associated with Oredium.
- Information can be disclosed to a third-party to allow you to enjoy our services, act in accordance with the legal obligations, and to prevent engaging in misusing or fraudulent activities on our platform.
- We may share your details with the third party sellers on our platform from whom you are making a purchase. This is done to fulfill your orders, and deliver your packages at the right address and at the right time.
- Sometimes we use the information to send notifications on behalf of other businesses regarding new product arrivals or promotional offers to selected customers of Oredium.com. While doing this, we will never share your information to any other businesses.
However, if you do not want to receive such notifications in the future, you can change your customer communication preference on the website.
- We employ other businesses or individuals to perform certain tasks n behalf of us. This includes- product deliveries, customer care support, payment processing, and sending emails and letters. Your personal details will be used only for carrying out their functions. We assure you that this information will never be used for any other purposes.
- Oredium does not share any personal information with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes without the approval of the users.
- Information can be disclosed to the third party only if it is required under the applicable law or if it is needed to respond to court summons or other legal proceedings.
- We can release your information to concerned law authorities or third party rights owners if it is believed that such revelation is important to implement our Privacy policy or terms of use; to ensure the safety of our users; and to protect the privacy of our users.

Security of Information (Security measures)

The top concern for a user is how much secured is their personal information with a site. Oredium has a stringent security policy for safeguarding the information provided by the user or collected by us through cookies and other data-collecting devices.
- We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protecting the security of the information provided by the user.
- For maintaining security, we reveal only the last four digits of the debit card or credit card number while making transactions on our website. Note that the entire debit/credit card number is sent to the concerned debit/credit card company while processing the orders.
- We provide a secure server for our users to change or access their account information. As soon as the information is available to us, we adhere to stringent security guidelines to prevent illegal access to it.
- The users should be responsible for maintaining the security of their account and password. Oredium is not liable for unauthorized access of your accounts or password. Get in touch with our customer care team if your password has become known to someone else or if you believe that someone has misused your account or password.

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Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that allow our systems to recognize the activities that you perform on your browser. This information helps us in providing customized services to you like recommending choices and personalized advertisements based on your previous search. Our cookies help in customizing your sessions. We will show relevant products and advertisements based on the previous search you made on our website or other third-party sites, thus allowing you to store items on your cart or wish list.
(Note that our cookies do not make use of any information from your hard drive. We only collect the information on your previous visits to our website or other sites.)
Customers can choose not to receive a cookie from us. But without accepting all the cookies from us, you’re likely to miss out on all the features of our website which also includes placing orders and purchasing items from our system. Your browsing process gets streamlined when you accept cookies.

Choices that you have

- You may choose not to disclose your personal information to us, even if it is mandatory while purchasing our products or availing other benefits that Oredium provides.
- You may choose not to receive notifications from us regarding terms of use, privacy policy or other legal notices through email or other electronic means. For that, you need to change your Customer communication preference.
- If you do not want us to accumulate your personal information for customized advertisements, products, or related links, you can change your advertisement preference settings on our website.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

Oredium reserves the right to update the privacy policy when deemed necessary. We request you to periodically visit our page so stay updated on all the new notices and amendments on our privacy policy. You acknowledge the changes made in our privacy policy if you continue to browse our site after such an amendment comes into effect.

Your Consent

By visiting our site and using our services/ by providing your personal information to us, you hereby give your approval to collect and use your information in the manner mentioned above. You also give your permission to Oredium to disclose your information as mentioned in the terms of this privacy policy.
We respect our customer’s privacy and therefore, we take stringent measures to safeguard them. The aggregated information that we collect from you is solely used to improve your shopping experience. Kindly note that we do not rent, sell or trade our customer’s personal information. In case if you have doubts about our privacy policy, please feel free to reach out to us for clarification. Our team will respond to all your doubts on time.

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